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What is Energy Yoga?

What is Energy Yoga?

In the vision of Energy Yoga, Man is at the border between Heaven and Earth, between cosmic energies and telluric energies. As Roger Clerc said; “If we achieve in the body of energy a harmonious and balanced circulation of the two energies HA and THA, the body of flesh itself can only be balanced and in harmony, that is, in good health.”

To make it simpler, he says that the posture does not work on the physical level, but on the mental level, with a great influence of thought. Energy flows where consciousness is placed. The important thing is not to think but to feel, the senses inform us much more than anything else. 

Whether for the physical body or the mental body, the goal is relaxation. For the physical body, it is quite easy to understand what is meant by relaxation, but it is not really the case for the mental body. This is obviously not a custom-made action, except perhaps for someone very trained.

It is in fact the result of hours of assiduous practices, of specific techniques, of a way of life. The best way to arrive at this state of relaxation is more often the breathing accompanied by a support to fix your mind, that is to say conscious gestures associated with a well defined breathing. The latter is simply indispensable because it is the first link with the body of energy. This body can be defined as a bridge between your physical body and your mental body. If you maintain it sufficiently, you will be able to regulate it and at the same time harmonize your other two bodies.

A link with Chinese energy

This gesture-breathing relationship is accompanied by other aspects specific to the yoga of the Energy. Indeed, introspection as well as the development of sensitivity will be highlighted. We must not see the posture as an objective, but as a tool, a means of achieving an energy state. This is where the similarities emerge with Chinese energy, because there is a work done upstream with the seasons of the latter.

The Qi Gong and the Energy Yoga are close because they are above all two very gentle practices. It is necessary to capture the subtlety, the sensations caused by the breath and the body in its volume. Many experts have developed the practice with branches focused on maternity and birth for example, or on ayurveda, on which we have dedicated an article recently.

Illustration of the Energy Yoga

How to practice energy yoga?

As it is not at all the most impressive form of yoga, it is composed of specific postures, sequence of movements, and even meditation. The most common asana is very simple. Similar to the Corpse Pose or Yoga Nidra, you are lying on your back first. Next, you need to wrap your head on your exhalation while tightening your knee against the chest, then back to the lying position when inhaling.

It’s not extravagant again, but it’s much more sophisticated than it looks. By making this movement and thus focusing on the harmony between your movements and your breathing, you are making your mental and energetic body aware.

The Energy Yoga Academy

The Energy Yoga even has its own Academy, soberly called the Energy Yoga Academy. Founded in 1978 in Paris, the first training led by Eliane-Claire Thiercelin and his family will be held a year later in Evian-les-Bains. Yves Mangeart will then have a great role in the association between Energy Yoga and the Chinese energy seasons.


So what did you learn at the end of this essay? First of all, there is a branch of yoga that has developed over the years and focuses on mental relaxation. This discipline, Energy Yoga, has been briefly explained and we talked about its similarities with Chinese energy. Afterwards, we saw how to practice it with one of the basic methods, then we talked about its dedicated Academy which opened its doors in 1978.

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