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Discover and test the Shirodhara massage

The Shirodhara massage, like its companion Abhyanga, is a massage originating in India that consists of massaging a part of the body in particular for the purpose of relaxation.

For thousands of years, this massage has been democratized and arrived today as we know it.

To learn more about this very powerful treatment, we will begin by explaining what Shirodhara is, then explain how a typical thalassotherapy session takes place, and end with the benefits and the people to whom it is intended in priority.

What is the Shirodhara?

Most often practiced in thalassotherapy, Shirodhara treatment is used for relaxation and calming. Also very popular in Ayurvedic, it is a powerful and effective message that comes from the Sanskrit words «shiro» (head) and «dhara» (circulation).

First introduced in India thousands of years ago, this practice focuses on the skull and then relaxes the whole body, as well as the mind. In short, the Shirodhara massage consists of pouring a trickle of hot oil on the skull, while massaging this area regularly to provide incredible sensations. No side effetcs, only positive results.

Even if the oil is the most regularly used liquid, it can happen whether it is milk or simply water, it depends on the establishment in which you do it and the masseur who takes care of you.

The unfolding of this relaxing massage

In classic thalassotherapy centres, this treatment lasts a maximum of 45 minutes and, like many massages, starts with the application of warm herbalized oil on the part to be massaged. Here, it’s your skull that will be targeted, the point between the eyebrows, and so it’s on the forehead that the oil will be poured so that it runs over your head.

When it comes to the sound environment, you can choose between soothing music or total silence. Thanks to the smooth and rhythmic movements, we will gradually enter a state of deep relaxation.

Depending on your age and your situation, the massage lasts more or less time and the temperature of the liquid varies according to your doshas.

There is not much to say about it, as it is necessary to live it to understand it. The massage techniques are very specific, and it’s up to you to experience it.

 A set to perform the Shirodhara 

The benefits of Shirodhara

This very subtle practice obviously has many benefits. Among them, on the very short term first, you feel a deep well-being due to the massage itself.

The Shirodharatherapy masseurs are usually very gentle, and know how to relieve you. The movements are slow and regular, which will make you fall into a second state and forget all your worries at the moment. It will alleviate your stress because it will act on stress hormones.

Of course, it does not stop there, and you will still feel effects in the days that follow. Your mind will be greatly appeased first, and your parasympathetic nervous system will be relaxed. You will feel a kind of mental clarity.

If you regularly practice yoga and inner listening for example, these effects will be long-term because you maintain them. Another direct consequence and that can be done in the long term also is the improvement of your sleep quality as it acts on the energy channels.

If every morning you wake up tired (even after a long night), it is because your sleep is not restorative enough. Maybe you are too agitated, you move around a lot, you wake up easily, etc. then this kind of care can do you a lot of good.

This will certainly soothe you greatly, in any case it costs (almost) nothing to try.

Who is most recommended for this massage?

In general, people suffering from insomnia, memory problems, tinnitus, rhinitis, psoriasis, blood pressure and heart rate problems, etc. will feel the effects of this massage.

But of course, it is not just a cure for these ailments, and anyone without any problems of this kind will still be able to feel the powerful relaxation effects that this treatment offers.

A woman enjoying some Shirodhara

This focuses on the Dosha Vata (a principle we explain in our article on the double constitution pitta-vatta), which is responsible for the movements of the organism.

These movements can be coarse or subtle. One of the great principles of Ayurveda is that the opposites are balanced, and that Vata being cold, light, and dry, it is necessary to apply hot ayurvedic oil to calm this aspect which might be deregulated. This is done on the head, to dominate the mind, during 60 minutes.

After seeing what this Indian massage was, how it went, its benefits and the intended audience, we hope you have found a solution to your problems.

We strongly advise you to try it if you have the chance once in your life, because the establishments that offer this kind of service are quite rare. If you liked this article, you will also like the others that we offer on our blog (regularly fed) like the one on Prana or life force, or even yogic breathing or the Bhagavad Gita.

As for the rest, unfortunately, we don’t have any personal masseurs to send you, but we do have other equally enticing proposals. 

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