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The sixth chakra: Open your third eye and unlock the power of Ajna

The 7 chakras present in your body act as 7 energy centers, as you have probably already understood. Arranged from the lower abdomen to the top of the head, they have the role of maintaining the balance of your body, if they are harmonized.

A chakra imbalance can be at the origin of many problems like anxiety and depression. Today, we are going to present you the 6th Chakra : Ajna, more commonly called the Third Eye Chakra.

We will therefore review the 6th chakra meaning, its main characteristics, as well as its representations, strengths and weaknesses.

We will end by explaining the ideal postures to keep it balanced and restore your mental clarity by using Chakra clairvoyance. All these techniques will make you enjoy life to the fullest.

What is the Ajna?

Ajna: the sixth chakra

It may sound strange but we can compare it to a border. A boundary that would act as the centre of your clarity and wisdom, and that would also be the boundary between human and divine consciousness.

It is the meeting point between the 3 Nadis which, once reunited, go up to the top floor to pass to the last stage which is the Samadhi or the state of Supreme Consciousness.

The meaning of the 3rd eye and its characteristics

The third eye

Its representations are very often the indigo color as well as the element of the mind, Anupada Tattva. The lotus will have here only two petals which show that there are only two levels of consciousness, the Atma (The Self) and the Paratma (God) which join in one point. It is also the synchronizer of the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere, that are respectively responsible for intuition and intellect.

Where is the 6th chakra?

The 6th chakra is certainly the one you think of directly when you are told about spirituality as it is the last step before the state of Supreme Consciousness. Indeed, the 3rd eye is a very widespread image in the collective imagination. It is therefore logically located on the forehead, in the middle between the two eyebrows.

How do we know if our third eye is open?

Our reality is our own and depends on thoughts that are influenced throughout our lives by our experiences and beliefs, which results in some emotional blockages. All your outer actions will then be the reflection of your inner thoughts, but all this will be done unconsciously.

If your third eye is open, it means that you have complete control over this phenomenon and your reality. You will then understand life simply, understanding that the material is not necessary. Fear of death will not be irrational. If it’s open, you will reach a high level of wisdom and knowledge and your intuition will help you to understand the world.

How to unlock a closed Ajna?

If your Ajna is blocked, you will notice that you won’t be able to accept phenomena that are not scientifically proven such as spiritual truths for example. It will be the same for your intuition and your extrasensory abilities, which won’t exist. The more this chakra is blocked, the more rational you will be.

Your habits will keep you safe and you will be afraid of the unknown. You will have the conviction that material goods are the source of happiness and you will rarely be a true leader. Vagaries of life will quickly discourage you, which will result in a cruel lack of character.

On the contrary, if it is too open, it will be very different You will then be excessively irrational and you will tend to flee reality to hide behind increasingly mystical explanations.

You are not interested in “classical” relationships, nor are you interested in material goods and classical physical pleasures. You will then be completely at the margins of society and you will feel misunderstood as much as incomprehensible, a bit like with your 5th chakra.

The benefits of a balanced third-eye chakra

Balance your sixth chakra

As always, yoga is an effective tool in the balance of this chakra. In addition to traditional sessions such as the Moon salutation and restorative yoga, here are some recommended Asanas to awaken it:

All these postures will help you to balance your third eye (open it if it’s too closed and vice versa).

To perform these high-quality postures and sessions optimally, there is nothing like suitable clothing and accessories. That’s why we offer you beautiful articles such as our yoga leggings all more qualitative than each other.

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