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The fifth chakra: Balance your Vishuddha with this guide

In this article, we will talk about the 5th Chakra (or throat chakra or Vishudda in Sanskrit) which is part of the series of articles on the 7 chakras that we are presenting (Third eye, also called Ajna and the Crown chakras will be the last two ones).

As usual we will start with a brief introduction and then see what function it is related to and of course the consequences of a possible imbalance. To end this article we will once again give you all the tips to harmonize it.

What is throat Chakra ? 

The role of the 7 chakras is to provide your body with the vitality it needs. The 5th of these chakras, the throat chakra, has a more specific role, the role of purification (which is its literal translation in Sanskrit).

The meaning of Vishuddha and its characteristics

Its symbol is the blue lotus with 16 petals which directly refer to the 16 vowels of the Sanskrit language. As with the other chakras, this one has specific characteristics and elements that represent it.

At the body level, it will be all about self-expression, as well as feelings and creativity. It also includes the parts of the body used for self-expression, but also for listening to other people.

This expression will be the basis of Vishuddha and it will be done in three ways : by voice, behaviour or artistically. Is is therefore quite logically that the mouth and everything it understands is associated with it, as well as the hands and ears. The sense which will be associated to it is the hearing and the color blue and all the stones of this colour (sapphire for example).

Relaxing Feather

Where is the 5th Chakra located ?

As we explained in the article on Anahata, the chakras are arranged on top of each other and act as filters where the energy levels up as it travels to finish as pure as possible. This 4th Chakra appears in the middle of the rib cage. So it is logical that the 5th is located above again, that is to say at the level of the throat and larynx, as its name suggests.

Why can it be blocked and what are the consequences of that ?

A blocked 5th Chakra is usually the result of a repetitive repression of your emotions that still need to be expressed, or a repression of a feeling of guilt that gradually sets in. You always keep to yourself what touches you and in the end, you become a cold person, sometimes even rude and shy, who has difficulties to get understood.

You often lack creativity which makes you afraid of being judged and therefore feel misunderstood by everyone. The nervousness will become unbearable for you because you will have a constant feeling of insecurity which can worsen to the point of making you suffer from anxiety and even hallucinations.

On the other hand, if your Vishuddha is too open, that’s all different. You will still lack self-confidence, but this time in a different way. You will tend to hide behind a shell so you never reveal your weakness, and you will enjoy attracting attention by manipulating and laughing at other people. You will even speak in a very nasty way and you won’t be able to listen to the other people because you will always want to be right.

Insecurity and loneliness

The benefits of a balanced throat chakra

As you can imagine, a balanced chakra will bring you a lot of benefits, it will mainly make communication easier. You won’t have any problem at all, you will be a very good speaker who will communicate in a clear and understandable way. Your relationships will be important to you and you will be someone who is honest, confident, sincere and supportive.

Life on the bright side with a balanced Vishuddha

How to balance your Vishuddha ?

Whether it’s too open or blocked, the practices aimed at balancing it remain the same. First, you have to learn how to express your feelings, how to say no. It’s a word that becomes more and more difficult to pronounce with age, professional, social pressure, etc. but it is one of the basis for asserting oneself in the eyes of all.

You have to know how to do it in a more delicate way than when you were a child of course, but you still have to be assertive and know how to refuse things you don’t want to do.

Another famous method is lithotherapy. It consists in taking energy from crystals which, still vibrating, will guide your energy flows.

Obviously, all these practises will be even more effective if you decide to associate them with yoga, whether it’s trataka yoga or other like Moon salutation, Root chakra or Heart chakra meditation. This sport is a real remedy against the melancholy of everyday life. To help you with this discipline we offer a whole range of high quality products including mats and sport bras that will delight everyone.


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