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The Sacral Chakra In Meditation: What’s The Second Chakra ?

As you already know if you have read the article on the first Chakra, we all have 7 of them. In this article, we are going to develop the second one, the Sacral Chakra, called the « Svadhilstana » in Sanskrit, and commonly known as the sexual chakra. It is important to keep it balanced. You will understand how Sacral Chakra healing, using sacral stones for example, can change your life !

The meaning of the second chakra

The Sacral Chakra can be considered as the entry point of the Kundalini energy in your body. That’s where it all starts. It acts as an energy center, it means that it’s directly connected to your personal development, to your tastes but also to all the fluids that regulate your body.

In its Kundalini representation, it takes the form of a lotus which has 6 orange petals. It influences us directly through emotions and hormones.

A beautiful flower

Svadhilsthana’s characteristics

As a real high point of sensation, it is especially related to everything that directly or indirectly affects your pleasure. It is therefore connected to the private parts but also to other organs such as the kidneys or the bladder. The element which represents it the best is water for its purity but tin can be a good representation too.

The benefits of a balanced second Chakra

When your second Chakra is balanced you are full of self-confidence. You feel like nothing can stop you and no failure is enough to get you down. You always find the recources you need to overcome each obstacle and you thrive in what you do. Sexually or socially, you have a lot of fun. However you have to know that teenagers have this chakra unbalanced as well as the rest of their body.

This imbalance may be related to the fact that it’s too open, which can have a lot of consequences. You could suffer from psychological disorders such as hyperemotivity which are due to the repression of your emotions. You could also have physical problems such as sexual problems. If it’s too open, a Svadhilstana will especially involve gluttony and emotional immaturity. You won’t be independent and you may have unbridled sexuality.

The consequences of an underactive sexual Chakra

A locket

If it’s closed, however, it will be quite different. This often comes from a too privative education as a teenager where sex was a too little covered subject. This will have the consequence on the young adult who will be frightened, afraid of the unknown, and especially of being alone.

Melancholy will then replace all the emotions that should be taking place, and you will have a tendency to turn inward. Shyness will take over your desires and you won’t achieve what you had dreamed of because you feel different, detached from what surrounds you. Finally emotions and sexuality will have very little place in your life while these feelings are the key to happiness.

How to open the Svadhilsthana

If your second chakra is underactive, it’s never too late to change ! We are going to show you the best ways to achieve your maximum potential. It will be a process that will aim to release emotions that have been locked for a too long time. It’s often more effective to call in an experienced practitioner to unlock these emotions as you will not always be aware of the situation. But anyway you can still manage it by yourself by practising EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for example. If you are not too closed this will be very effective.

Another guided solution is to call in energy healers who will take care of releasing you from your bade motions. It can also be effective if what blocks you is known and discovered.

As we told before, water is the element that represents this chakra. Thanks to it you will harmonize your body. When you have a shower, for example, become aware and meditate actively. Clean yourself, from one zone to another, and say to yourself « my face is clean » for example, telling yourself you are cleaning up all the bad things in life that are in you. Still in your shower, take the stream of water flowing over your head like a waterfall of dreams and goals you must achieve. End this cycle by drinking a glass of water in full awareness.

Finally, doing yoga is always a good solution to be peaceful with yourself. If you have busy days and you don’t have time for long and difficult sessions, we recommend you the practice of Moon Salutation at the end of the day, for example. To do your sessions well, having a chakra regulating necklace can be a good thing, as well as a very elegant set to complete it all.

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