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The Root Chakra: first of the seven chakra

You have maybe already heard about the concept of chakras but probably you only know the word … So this article is for you, if you want to know more on the subject. We will see the first of these 7 Chakras, known as the Root Chakra or Muladhara in Sanskrit,  which means root and support.

We will understand what it is through a brief definition and its characteristics. Then we will see the benefits of having a balanced Root Chakra but also the problems that an underactive Muladhara could cause. Then we will end up with the most widespread and effective techniques to harmonize your root chakra and regulate it perfectly.

Let’s get deeper in the Root Chakra medidation, discover what the Mantra « I AM » is and absolutely you won’t regret it !

What is the Root Chakra ?

As you may already know, we all have 7 Chakras that can be worked and balanced to improve your health and your well-being. They also have the role of transporting Kundalini energy through your body, from the top to the bottom. To keep this balance and strengthen it, the daily practice of yoga is very useful. In this article, we are going to introduce you to Root Chakra, which is the very first of these 7 Chakras, also called Muladhara.

The characteristics of Muladhara

The Characteristics of Muladhara

The first chakra is located at the level of the perineum, at the base of your spine, and faces the ground. In Kundalini Yoga, this chakra is like a four-petaled purple lotus flower which corresponds to different psychological states. These are joy, pleasure, the benefits of controlling passions, and happiness in concentration. It is the mediator between the Earth energy contained in your legs and the rest of your body, so that you become unified with life and take root.

The benefits of a balanced first Chakra

First, what does « a balanced Chakra » mean ? It simply means that the energy contained in it flows smoothly and continuously. If your first chakra works properly, you will feel very positive effects such as a strong sense of security for example, a feeling of general well-being.

A Woman Practicing Some Yoga

However you must be careful that your Chakra is not imbalanced because it can cause many problems. If it is excessively open, it causes selfishness. You will only think of yourself without worrying about others, and you will miss out on the real moments in life. Your vision of the world will be skewed and money and material possessions will be the priorities in your life. In addition, you will tend to become alcohol and tobacco addict because you will feel like you need it to feel good. 

The consequences of an underactive Muladhara

The other possible imbalance is un underactive Muladhara. It means that the energy is not circulating in it optimally. You are then in a feeling of constant fear, where the slightest obstacle or the slightest distraction will prevent you from accomplishing your goals because of a great lack of self-confidence. It could also have physical consequences such as recurring back pain or digestive problems.

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How to open Root Chakra

There are several ways to open your Root Chakra and harmonize it. First the kundalini yoga execrcises which are well known for their efficiency. You can do it tat home on your non-slip yoga mat.

However, it is not necessary to practice yoga to activate and work your Root Chakra. Indeed there are other simple and effective ways.

  • If you are in a situation of severe unbalance, the first step in harmonizing your Muladhara is to reconnect with Earth in the simplest way. Walking regularly barefoot outside will allow your Chakra and your energetic roots to reactivate smoothly. To complete this reactivation process, physical exercise and manual activities such as craft and gardening are recommended.
  • There is also a more abstract way called foot reflexology. This is done with an expert who will aim to channel energy throughout your body to a single point. Medidating and visualizing are similar and very effective too. Start by getting into the correct position : sit with your back straight and legs stacked. Your attention should then focus on your breathing, let yourself be carried away. When you have reached this stage of concentration, visualize your root chakra to realize that it is like a beautiful red spark.

To help you in this search for hamonization, you can use appropriate, therapeutic background music. You can find it on many free platforms such as Youtube.

Finally you can use essential oils during your sessions. You have the choice between air diffusion or massage oil. It is a very pleasant way to work your Root Chakra.

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