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Restorative Yoga: Recover Zen Attitude Through Soft Practices

Restorative yoga is the art of gently relaxing and letting go. This practice is accessible to everyone and is inspired by a very old form of yoga called Vishranta yoga. It’s a gentle and slow yoga which doesn’t require any work on the body. Its goal : do nothing or … not really !

Restorative yoga is also called « supported yoga ». It’s like a relaxation session aimed at ensuring the balance between body and mind thanks to the regular practice of simple gestures and conscious breathing techniques. Do you want to learn more about it ? Do you want a step by step guide to a restorative yoga sequence ? Let’s follow us and you will understand why yoga is good for you !

What is restorative yoga ?

A restorative yoga position

Restorative yoga is a practice that makes your body relax thanks to passive stretching. After a session of restorative yoga, you will adopt a posture and keep it for a long time. It’s different from dynamic or contemporary yoga that  is inspired by rather acrobatic practices and during which we move from one posture to another.

The principle of restorative yoga is to circulate the vital energy in a harmonious way and to achieve a level of both physical and mental relaxation thanks to postures and supports such as bolster yoga, cushions, blankets to support yourself during the session. The regular practice of supported yoga would ensure balance, flexibility and mobility in the movements, in order to free your body from the tensions which disturb your blood circulation.

How to practice restorative yoga ?

Practice restorative yoa

The goal of a restorative yoga session remains the same : to find inner peace through simple postures and thanks to nose breathing. This calming and medidative gesture is open to everybody and you can do it at any time. For this, it is essential to have the appropriate equipment. It can include tights, bras, supports, yoga mats, and so on.

The flow of a session can change dramatically. Even if the session always begins with the same basic steps, it can change depending on the requirements of the yoga teacher and the level of the team (beginners or aspiring practitioners).

Pranayama is the breathing exercise that must be done first at the beginning of the session. Then, do 3 or 4 asanas which are yoga postures that will make the exercise longer. During each posture which will last 10 minutes on average, don’t forget to perform conscious deep breathing exercises, meditation, but also exquisite energy work known as kundalini or kriyas.


Supported by cushions, blankets, bolsters, you breathe in and out through your nose without holding your breath. At the end of the session, relax for 10 to 25 minutes in the Savasana position, the corpse posture.

Who is this practice for ?

Restorative yoga is a practice for everyone. However it couldn’t be more indicated for people suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety, stress or fibromyalgia. By practising this discipline without effort or pain, you will say goodbye to fatigue and depression.

Now that confinement is sinking the whole world into a total or partial activity shutdown and the term « stay home » is on everyone’s lips, it’s better to find a way to calm yourself inside. If you didn’t have time to take care of yourself a few months ago because of your busy daily routine you have now all the time to do so.

However if you are pregnant and you think supported yoga is not for you, think again about it. The coach will of course offer you specific postures of prenatal yoga in order to allievate all your pregnancy ailments.

What are its benefits ?

Benefits of restorative yoga

The benefits of restorative yoga on the body and mind are well known. The discipline allows in particular to :

  • Provide the opportunity to understand every difficult situation we face and how to get rid of it
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain
  • Solve insomnia problems and other sleep disorders
  • Significantly manage stress and anxiety
  • Let go and get rid of the problems that affect the balance of the nervous system
  • Ensure the balance of the body and mind
  • And soften the muscle and the spine.

Now that you know everything about restorative yoga, what are you waiting for ? Discover our online store, buy the equipment you need to practice yoga (tights, mats, cishions, …) and get started !

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