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The double constitution Pitta Vata, such a special profile?

If you are interested in ancient philosophies or maybe curious about it, you have surely already looked at ayurveda. It is even more than a philosophy, it is a medicine formerly divided into 8 branches that aims to increase our life length and thus in parallel to keep us healthy.

To do this, first determine your dominant dosha, or “vata types” (kepha, pitta or vata) and then see your double dosha profile. For example you may have a double pitta vata constitution and it will be interesting to choose a diet that best suits this double pitta vata constitution. So that’s what we’re going to be looking at today.


What is an Ayurvedic constitution?

In the Ayurvedic medicine vision, each of us is a mixture of peculiarities and emotions that are defined according to doshas. These doshas are the vital energies of each one that animate our body and mind. The goal of this discipline will be to keep you healthy and therefore prevent diseases as much as possible. To do this, we must learn to take care of our doshas on all levels (physical, mental, psychic and spiritual).

The basic theory of this practice is the one of the 5 elements that are Ether, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. These elements are concentrated in different proportions in each of us and thus constitute the subtle forces or doshas.

Prakriti is our basic constitution based on the combinations of the elements that make us up.


How do I know if you have a Pitta or a Vata constitution?

Your dominant doshas will define you, you will know your strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. Here are the 3 possible doshas:


  • Pitta

The Water and Fire mixture gives a Pitta constitution. Individuals in this category are generally of medium build with a warm complexion, hot extremities and a fierce appetite. On the other hand, they have a strong tendency to catch infectious diseases and infections of all kinds. Keen intelligence, motivation and warm emotions will be their hallmark.


  • Vata

The Vata constitution is the result of the combination of Water and Air. A very large or very small person with a tendency to spend heavily and lose weight in a loop will be the typical profile of this category. Creativity and imagination will be their strengths while hyperactivity and anxiety can often be lacking.

 Looking though the sky

  • Kapha

Finally, the Kapha constitution is the one of Water and Earth. Most of the time, the physical stocky (but not big) will be the norm, with a taste for laziness and weight gain without regular physical activity. They have a big attraction for the warm side in general and for the sweetness. They find themselves in their routine and do not like sudden changes.


In conlusion:

Dosha VATA= Air+Ether  

Dosha PITTA= Water+Fire   

Dosha KAPHA= Water+Earth

NB: Many of us have double constitution Vata/Pitta, Pitta/Kapha, Vata/Kapha.

What does this Ayurvedic profile involve?

The key to our mental and physical health is our way of life. It is essential to grant it to our Ayurvedic constitution and thus reduce imbalances.


If you are a Pitta type, avoid long activities in the sun not to spread the fire that animates you. Similar to your diet, avoid spicy, acidic or even exciting foods to favor naturally sweet (avoid refined sugar) and fresh foods.

Massages with coconut oil and Ghee are recommended.



If you are Vata, you will always want to move and change. As you have a very unstable side, the best for you will be to settle into stable and regular activities precisely, to supervise you a maximum and develop your creative potential. In terms of food, prefer hot meals and avoid anything related to fermented foods such as bread, alcohol, raw vegetables, … Vata being the air, do not increase its proportion in your body and therefore prefer rich foods.



The mixture of Water and Earth is a heavy mixture, which should be lightened with energetic physical activities. Prefer a light, spicy diet, rich in vegetables and avoiding dairy products. The secret of your harmony is really regular and intense physical exercise.

Here, dry massages with chickpea flour for example are recommended.

Ensuring the balance of the dual Ayurvedic constitution

Ayurveda is only a key to understanding oneself, it is important not to stop at these great principles and to go further in listening to one’s body. It is best to combine a particular yoga practice, such as Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga or Pranayama.


Through this article, we have seen in broad outline what ayurvedic medicine was. It allows us to know each other better, and thus to live better. The primary goal is to take care of oneself simply, through simple tools like diet.

We have seen here the 3 existing doshas, as well as their implications. Finally, we have seen the secrets to maintaining the balance of our body, which is not always an easy task.

We really hope that you enjoyed this article, and if so, that you will not hesitate to come and join our great community that is growing stronger every day.

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