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A Comprehensive Guide To Open Your Crown Chakra

Here we are with the last of the 7 chakras (if we only take into account the physical ones and exclude the one of the aura), the Sahasrara in Sanskrit or the Crown Chakra.

It is called like this because at the end of the energy chain, the 7th chakra is located at the highest point of your body, that is, on the crown of the head.

The 7thChakra meaning and its characteristics

The Sahasrara means 1000 petals. It governs various aspects such as knowledge, consciousness, intelligence and humility.

The goal of each yogi is to work on the energy centers : lead the energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra and fully develop it, to reach divine energy.

If a yogi manages to raise the sacred fire Kundalini to the top of the head and thus unite all the cosmic principles governing the universe, he or she will realize the Sahasrara.

All his or her desires will then be transcended to enter into beatitude or into Samadhi. Feelings and emotions are then integrated into their primary cause.

And finally he or she will unify with the cosmic consciousness to become sat-chit-ananda or truth-being-beatitude.

Where is the 7th chakra?

When the energy passes from chakra to chakra, it purifies itself until it reaches the top of the skull and this famous crown chakra. Unlike the other ones, this center is open upwards to connect with the world of intuitive knowledge and spiritual connection. It is the point where the dimensions meet, as it is the case for a newborn where the bones of the skull are open, they close in the adult and reopen in the master.

An illustration of Bouddha

The consequences of a blocked crown chakra

As for the 6th chakra, a blockage of it will result in a strong dependence on material goods and a rejection of any form of spirituality or irrational belief. Your Ego is stronger than anything and prevents you from really seeing the truth, it is never your fault and the questioning does not exist in you. Only work and money count, you need to feel essential which is in fact a gap to fill, due to this blockage.

If it is too open, however, the opposite will still happen; abusive detachment from physical pleasures and material goods as well as a strong sense of difference that will prevent you from finding the right place in this society that you see with a bad eye. So you risk locking yourself in and falling into schizophrenia in the worst case.

Can we balance the Sahasrara?

Of course, it is as important to balance as all the others. As we already explained it for the second and third chakra, the recommended yoga exercises in this case are postures that focus on the lower body and where you need to focus your attention on the present time.

These exercises are for example:

  • The posture of the tree (Vrksasana) that you can combine with the one of the Eagle (Garudasana)
  • Savasana
  • Salamba Sirsasana (Balancing on the head)
  • The meditation for which we recommend our beautiful pants and accessories that will make you feel in harmony throughout your session 

A man opening his arms to the sky

There are of course other methods to harmonize your crown chakra, to be tuned in parallel with your yoga sessions to get better results.

These methods are in fact a kind of thought patterns, guidelines that will allow you to awaken and to come closer to this state of bliss. Among these fundamental principles, the most obvious and yet the most important is certainly to let oneself be guided by one’s passions.

Don’t stop any activity that is important to you and in which you thrive, just because your surroundings don’t like it or maybe because it doesn’t bring you anything from the material point of view.

Try to always be curious and want to learn. Setting specific goals is also a way to stimulate this chakra as well as meditation, which is a great tool that should be incorporated into your daily routine.

If you don’t have time for meditation sessions every day, try to stay as connected as possible to your breathing while repeating the mantra “OM / AUM” in your head.

All these little things on which you are going to work will allow you to feel better on a daily basis and calm your mind.

Parallel with other world beliefs

Very similar to Nirvana in Buddhism, the latter is the fact of detaching oneself from all material goods in this world.

Nirvana means as much the extinction of the fire of passions and ignorance as it means liberation from all the superfluous things of life. You then focus on the main things to reach ultimate happiness.

Statue of Bouddha

This concludes our series of articles on the 7 chakras in yoga. We hope to have enlightened you and that you will progress on your spiritual path.

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