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Anahata: How important is the heart chakra?

Today we will talk about the Fourth Chakra, more commonly called the Heart Chakra or the Unstruck Breath Chakra. We will then see all that symbolizes Anahata and the consequences of its eventual imbalance on your body.

As always we will end by presenting the methods to harmonize this chakra thanks to yoga, especially Heart Chakra meditation or heart opening meditation.

The meaning of Anahata

This particular chakra means strong emotions and values such as self-confidence but also unconditional love and sense of responsibility.

Its literal translation comes from Anahata nada which means the eternal sound. This love shouldn’t be confused with the love of the sacred chakra which comes from another kind of love, a more passionate and carnal love.

A man meditating near the see

The Heart Chakra characteristics

Like the other ones, this chakra is directly associated with several concepts and several elements. Its most faithful representations are first of all the sense of touch because it’s a centre of energy which is directly related to love and physical contact.

Its element is air and its representative color is light blue. The antelope is its animal mascot for its attention and vivacity, while its flower is the 12-petal lotus.

Where is the 4th Chakra located ?

Anahata is located at the perfect junction point between the 3 upper chakras and the 3 lower chakras. It can be seen as the crossroads connecting all the chakras and providing energy for the rest of the system.

For that reason it’s one of the most important and it is essential for it to be balanced, even more than the other ones because it’s directly linked to elementary functions of your body.

It’s therefore logical that it’s located right in the middle of the chest, between the two shoulder blades more precisely at the level of the sternum.

The benefits of a balanced 4th chakra

This chakra is probably one of the most beneficial if balanced. You will then become a real ray of sunshine which will flood all around you with joy and good humor.

You will know how to warm hearts as well as awaken the presence of the divine within the loved ones.

Your self-confidence and your positivity will never cease to dazzle and you will become an example and a quality person in the eyes of your relatives.

A sunny road

The consequences of an imbalanced heart chakra

As for the 3rd Chakra and all the other ones, there are two kinds of imbalances : it can be too open or on the contrary not enough.

The imbalance often happens when you have been deeply hurt and want to fill that hurt with love for the others. In the first case, there are two possible situations.

The first is that you tend to give too much to others, even if you have to forget yourself and minimize what you feel in order to devote yourself entirely to others, and therefore try to make yourself loved as much as possible.

On the contrary, you can become totally selfish and only thiknk of yourself without worrying about the fate of the others.

Illustration of keys

If your Anahata is blocked, you will have trouble with love. You will have nothing but negativity to give : hatred, jealousy, intolerance and really very little self-esteem. You don’t know how to love yourself and therefore, you become dependent on the love of others or even on material goods.

You are afraid of suffering in you relationships and you prefer avoiding them by taking refuge in your physical or intellectual activities, which will only strengthen your lonely side.

How to get a balanced Anahata ?

An effective method to harmonize this chakra is to reach a state of balance which will be positive in order to avoid the situations developed before.

There are several methods to do this. First, it is advisable to practice yoga regularly. If you are just starting out and you are not feeling your best, we recommend you to start with restorative yoga or eventually Moon Salutation.

Many experienced yogis insist on the importance of some postures, the Asanas, more than on other ones. There are 5 positions :

To make the sessions as ideal as possible, we recommend our mats, specially designed for this type of exercise as well as our accessories which will help you restore harmony in your energy system.


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